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Knitted Christmas Baubles

This is a great way to use up left over balls of sock yarn and make some original knitted Christmas decorations.

Presenter: Fiona Morris    Easy   Series

Slip Stitch on a Brother Machine

Slip stitch is a less frequently used stitch pattern. Fiona demonstrates how to knit basic slip stitch on a Brother machine and how to recognise suitable punchcards for this technique.

Presenter: Fiona Morris    Easy  

Cleaning and Maintenance

Machines should be cleaned and re-oiled on a regular basis. Fiona takes you through a regular cleaning routine.

Presenter: Fiona Morris    Beginner  

Picking up Stitches Around a Round Neckline

Fiona Morris gives a demonstration on techniques to finish your sweaters by picking up your stitches around a round neckline.

Presenter: Fiona Morris    Intermediate  

A Variety of Knit and Purl Patterns

Fiona Morris discusses and shows us some knit and purl patterns. A great way to add texture to a plain knitted item.

Presenter: Fiona Morris    Easy