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Machine Finished Buttonhole

Join Liz Holness from the Machine Knitter Guild as she shows us how to machine finish a buttonhole.

Presenter: Liz Holness   Everyone  

Easy Fingerless Gloves

Learn how to knit these easy fingerless gloves using knit and pearl stitch.

Presenter: Sarah Corcoran   Everyone  

Baby Bootees

Discover how to make these fun felted booties which make the perfect gift for a new arrival or great slippers in adult size.

Presenter: Emma Boyle    Intermediate  

Paint Dyeing on Wool

Learn how to dye your own wool with Heather Murray & Fiona Morris.

Presenter: Fiona Morris    Easy  

Felted Ball Bracelet

Join Emma as she show you how to make this simple and fun felted bracelets. If you're feeling really creative you could make earrings and a keyring too.

Presenter: Emma Boyle    Beginner  

Machine Knitting Pressing

Now it time to finish your Origami Jumper. Join Christine as she shows you the best way to press your finished pieces.

Presenter: Drayton Machine Knitting Group    Intermediate   Series

Lavender Bag

Join Emma Boyle as she demonstrates how to knit your fabulous free gift the Pollyanna lavender bag kit.

Presenter: Emma Boyle    Easy  

Knitting With Different Materials

Alison Ellen explains and demonstrates why knitting with different materials can make such a difference to a pattern.

Presenter: Alison Ellen    Easy  

Shearing Alpacas

We join shearer Susie Parish who shows us the craft of Alpaca shearing.

Presenter: Susie Parish   Everyone  

Sewing up using Backstitch

Fiona demonstrates how to join your knitting together using backstitch. She demonstrates sewing edges together and also sewing a cast off end to a side edge.

Presenter: Fiona Morris    Beginner  

Knitting two colours with both hands

Alison Ellen demonstrates fair isle knitting using two colours in a row and carrying them all the way across.

Presenter: Alison Ellen    Intermediate  

Meeting Sarah Dodd

Fiona Morris introduces knitting designer Sarah Dodd to Knit1.tv

Presenter: Sarah Dodd   Everyone  

Stitches To Manipulate The Fabric & Create Textures

Alison Ellen explains and demonstrates how you can use stitches to manipulate the fabric and create different textures.

Presenter: Alison Ellen    Intermediate  

Organic Garden Twine Basket

In this film Sarah Dodd demonstrates how to make free style crochet baskets out of garden twine. Rustic and organic looking these are perfect for holding plant pots in or for decorative storage.

Presenter: Sarah Dodd   Easy  

Knitting in Different Directions

Join Alison Ellen she explains how you can knit in different directions which gives an enormous scope in designing.

Presenter: Alison Ellen    Intermediate  

Well Manor Farm Episode 3

Know your fleeces. Emma Boyles shows us the different fleeces produced on Well Manor Farm including Gotland, White Shetland, Brown Shetland. Emma also explains the difficulties of a fleece that has begun to felt.

Presenter: Emma Boyle    Everyone   Series

Crochet a Granny Square

Granny Squares are one of the most familiar crochet motifs. Fiona Morris demonstrates one of the methods of crocheting a Granny Square.

Presenter: Fiona Morris    Easy  

Meet the Organisers of Drayton Machine Knitting Group

We meet Jan & Christine who organise Drayton Machine knitting group.

Presenter: Drayton Machine Knitting Group    Everyone   Series

Knitted Christmas Baubles

This is a great way to use up left over balls of sock yarn and make some original knitted Christmas decorations.

Presenter: Fiona Morris    Easy   Series

Knitted Christmas Angels

Use your hobby to help decorate your Christmas tree with knitted decorations like this little Christmas Angel.

Presenter: Fiona Morris    Intermediate   Series

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